EXCLUSIVE: John Romita Jr. Discusses Dark Matter Work, Influences


DC Comics' just announced Dark Matter imprint, which is placing a premium on the artist involved on each title, was designed with the intent of creating characters and series that will last a long time, as part of the new foundation being built for the DC Universe. Among the all-star roster involved in the initiative is recent "All Star Batman" artist John Romita Jr.

CBR has an exclusive video in which Romita Jr. discusses what DC is hoping to achieve with the Dark Matter line of books. The artist, who opens as he's working on his book, "The Silencer," also discusses the ways in which his father, the legendary John Romita Sr., continues to guide and influence him to this day.

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"Dark Matter is the the creation of new [DC Comics] characters," Romita says in the video. "Dark Matter and [Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's] 'Metal'... alongside of it, is an attempt to do something different, the attempt to be different. To try something new and different is where we're at. All of the Dark Matter ideas will be in that vein."

As for Romita's project, in a round table interview conducted at C2E2, the artist described his and writer Dan Abnett's "Silencer" title as something akin to "a female John Wick."

“[She's] a female assassin trying to adjust to a normal life…if that sounds derivative it’s probably been done before, but we’ve got a different take on it,” the artist said. She’s retired happily only to be retapped by the leader of DCU spy organization Leviathan: Talia Al’Ghul. “Her job was to stop evil men, but now she’s got an ex-husband and a son she’s dealing with... it’s ironic.”

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