EXCLUSIVE: John Cassaday's "The Spirit" #1 Cover

Dynamite Entertainment doesn't have an official presence onsite at this year's WonderCon, but that doesn't mean it don't have some news to break this weekend -- namely, that its revival of "The Spirit" has a release date of July 1, along with a cover by acclaimed artist John Cassaday -- and CBR has the exclusive first look at the image.

Dynamite first announced plans to publish new stories featuring legendary creator Will Eisner's famous character last July. In February, Matt Wagner was announced as writer of the series, with no interior artist yet confirmed.

"You have to strike certain chords for people who are fans of the original material and in fact revere the Spirit as one of comics' greatest creations," Wagner told CBR last month. "But you also have to open it up to new readers, and so I came up with a storyline that would reintroduce the Spirit. It introduces a new element that isn't just a recycling of what Eisner had done."

"The Spirit" #1 is scheduled for release on July 1.

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