EXCLUSIVE: Jeff King Shares His Favorite "Convergence" Tie-Ins

DC Comics' "Convergence" event -- featuring dozens of characters from the publisher's multiple universes across its 75-plus year history intersecting in a winde-ranging two-month storyline -- has arrived, with issue #0 of the main series now on sale. With "Convergence" underway, here's an exclusive outtake from this week's installment of DC Comics' promotional series DC All Access, with co-host Jason Inman interviewing "Convergence" lead writer/comics newcomer/TV veteran Jeff King about his personal favorites of the two-issue "Convergence" companion series.

King specifically praises the work of writers Tony Bedard ("Convergence: Aquaman," "Convergence: Green Lantern/Parallax,") "Convergence: Speed Force") and Dan Abnett ("Convergence: The Flash," "Convergence: Justice Society of America"), saying the Golden Age-themed "Justice Society of America" book "warmed [his] heart the most."

"You have every generation featured in the two-shot monthlies, and eventually they will cross into the 'Convergence' main story," King said.

Here's the full version of this week's episode of DC All Access, with more from King on "Convergence":

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