EXCLUSIVE: Jean Grey's Up Against A Wall In Ramos' "Extraordinary X-Men" Cover

When the dust settles from "Secret Wars," the massive event currently encompassing Marvel's line of comics, things will not be so great for the X-Men -- and mutants in general. While details remain elusive about the specifics of the status quo of Marvel's merry mutants, we do know that something bad will have gone down between the X-Men and the Inhumans in the in-story eight month gap between the end of "Secret Wars" and the start of "All-New, All-Different Marvel."

The cover for "Extraordinary X-Men" #2, which CBR has an exclusive first look at, confirms that things won't exactly be easy for the titular team. The cover from artist Humberto Ramos and colorist Edgar Delgado features the teenage Jean Grey backed up against a wall -- one with a familiar phrase spray-painted on it. Considering that the words "No more mutants" was used to eradicate much of the mutant population in the fall out from 2005's "House of M" storyline, it's appearance on this cover is sure to get fans talking ahead of the book's arrival in October.

Series writer Jeff Lemire spoke about his decision to include the time-displaced, teenage version of Jean Grey in his "Extraordinary" lineup in a previous interview with CBR.

"Yeah, we have Jean Grey," said Lemire. "I really love Brian [Michael Bendis]' run a lot. There's a lot of stuff in there that I really wanted to mine and use. Bringing the original X-Men back was brilliantly executed by Brian. It could have been one of those ideas that didn't work at all but he did it really well and made you care about those characters. Teen Jean was, for me, the one I fell in love with -- but I've always loved Jean Grey. This take on Jean Grey was really special, so she's on my team for sure. She's the only one of the original X-Men on the team, but she's really important. She's sort of, in many ways, developing into the embodiment of Xavier's dream. I think she'll be the heart of this X-Men team."

"Extraordinary X-Men" #2 ships in October.

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