EXCLUSIVE: In Marvel Legacy, Jean Grey’s Only Hope is… Emma Frost?

X-Men fans breathed a sigh of relief when it was revealed that the recently launched Jean Grey was among the series getting a Marvel Legacy overhaul when the publisher's major initiative arrives in September. Now, those who have been enjoying the popular X-Man's first-ever solo title will likely be even more relieved with the news that the creative team will not be seeing any major changes.

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CBR has the exclusive announcement that writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Victor Ibanez will continue to plot out the path of the time-displaced superhero, with artist Mike Mayhew taking over cover duties from the departing David Yardin. Of course, while the series' numbering and creative team will continue on, this is a Legacy series, so they'll be looking to the character's past -- or at least, her future version's past -- for inspiration; joining the book, at least for the "Psych War" arc, will be Emma Frost, a.k.a. the White Queen, a.k.a. older Jean's romantic rival for the affections of Scott Summers/Cyclops.

"I’m really excited about what we came up with," Hopeless told CBR. "It’s a sort of heist story with Emma Frost’s intimidating mind as the vault. Jean has to get in and get out without one of the scariest psychics in Marvel history catching her."

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Check out the cover and solicitation information for October's Jean Grey #8 below, and check back with CBR soon for our exclusive interview with Hopeless, as he offers even more information on what Marvel Legacy holds for the young mutant.


  • Written by DENNIS HOPELESS
  • Penciled by VICTOR IBANEZ
  • Cover by MIKE MAYHEW
  • The Phoenix is coming and in its wake – death and destruction! Destined to become the Earth’s host for the fiery entity, Jean is still not prepared for its arrival and the ensuing battle to come. Her only hope, a former host who can prepare and train her telepathic powers, but what cost is Jean willing to pay when Emma Frost, The White Queen, becomes her only salvation and the last line of defense from the world burning?

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