EXCLUSIVE: Jason Pearson, Juan Doe's "Archer & Armstrong" #4 Variants

Valiant Entertainment's updated "Archer & Armstrong" series debuts this week, with CBR reviewer Greg McEllhatton already assuring longtime fans of the characters that the new title should live up to their collective expectations. And with series writer Fred Van Lente on record assuring fans that the original's signature mix of action, drama and humor remains intact in his and artist Clayton Henry's book, it's no wonder hopes are high for the series' debut tomorrow, August 8.

"Archer and Armstrong are amusingly mismatched, but they're each tragic in their own right," Van Lente told Robot 6 in July. "Armstrong has lived for thousands years as a result of great loss, and losing everything that matters to him, and he responds to that by living a life of hedonism. Archer has lived his whole life being kept completely ignorant of an outside world he's suddenly thrust into. We're taking time to build them, and their relationship, and that's what will make people care what happens to them.

"There has to be something human there for the reader to latch on to, or neither the action nor the comedy has any effect."

Today, Valiant further whets "Archer and Armstrong" fans' appetites with an exclusive reveal of issue #4's two variant covers by Jason Pearson (L) and Juan Doe.

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