EXCLUSIVE: Jae Lee's Covers For "Thun'da" #2, 3

Frank Frazetta's Thun'da is returning to comics, and Dynamite Entertainment has him.

Originally created in 1952 by the legendary artist, "Thun'da, King of the Congo" was one of Frazetta's most successful creations, proving popular not only in the pages of the comics but also as a movie serial. In August, the amnesiac king of the jungle returns in a new series written by Roger Place Napton with art by Cliff Richards and covers by Jae Lee.

"This is only the beginning," Napton told CBR when we spoke with the writer about the return of Frazetta's character. "We really have a great journey in mind for this character. As he explores the world he's in, making discoveries, we'll discover it with him -- a world full of danger, peoples he never knew existed, creatures beyond his imagination. And through it all, he'll be on a quest to find himself -- is he Roger Drum or is he Thun'da? We hope readers will join us and find out!"

Check out Jae Lee's covers for the second and third issues of "Thun'da" below, along with a first look at Cliff Richards' colored pages from the first issue.

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