EXCLUSIVE: J. Torres' & Andy B.'s Dead Goombas Trailer

As a special Halloween treat, "Teen Titans Go!" and "Alison Dare" author J. Torres is premiering on CBR the trailer for his newest Oni Press project, "Dead Goombas with artist Andy B. Here's Mr. Torres to tell you all about it.

Hi, I’m J. Torres. You may remember me from such horror classics as the terrifying "Teen Titans Go" comic book from DC or the eerie "Alison Dare" miniseries from Oni Press.

Okay, I’m not exactly known for horror comics. But that may very well change with two of my upcoming graphic novels from Oni. One is called "Lola: A Ghost Story" and another is "Dead Goombas." I’ll have more on Lola at another time, but today on All Hallows Eve I’d like to focus on "Goombas."

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with flattened anthropomorphic video game mushrooms.

What it does have to do with is a group of gangsters who are considered “associates” of the Cosa Nostra but still have yet to be fully made. That’s mainly because they’re goodfellas who make some pretty bad decisions and, for members of organized crime, well, they’re pretty disorganized. So, as you can imagine, it doesn’t help when the zombies show up.

Yes, I’ve jumped on the zombie band wagon. More specifically, the “rom-com zom-com” band wagon (with profuse apologies to Edgar Wright). "Dead Goombas" is a comedy because of the actions of the aforementioned gavones and a romance because one of them is in love with a stripper named Apollonia.

I guess I’m still not exactly going to be known for horror comics like a Steve Niles or Jamie Delano after this, but I hope you all give it a shot because it should be a lot of fun.

"Dead Goombas" is currently “in production” and we’re aiming for a late spring, early summer release. We wanted to give CBR fans a sneak peek today because it’s Halloween and what better day to unveil a zombie project, right? Not to mention that Halloween is the favorite holiday of Andy B., the amazing artist of "Dead Goombas," so we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mark the occasion this way.

Check out the teaser trailer that our friend the awesome Arthur Dela Cruz helped us put together, and keep an eye on my blog for more information.

Happy Halloween. Don’t forget to check that candy before eating it. Enjoy the trailer.

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