EXCLUSIVE: It's Destro vs. Rom as IDW's Hasbro Heroes Collide in New Covers

Last fall, IDW Publishing's "Revolution" event brought together several of its licensed Hasbro properties -- "Transformers," "G.I. Joe," "M.A.S.K.," "ROM," "Micronauts" and "Action Man" -- into a shared universe that shaped the comic book future of those properties going forward.

A new ongoing series titled "Revolutionaries" launched today from the creative team of writer John Barber and artist Fico Ossio, with a team of characters from across the shared Hasbro universe, including Kup from Transformers and Mayday from G.I. Joe. With this new series now on the stands, CBR jumps ahead a few months with the exclusive first look at the covers for April's "Revolutionaries" #5, along with solicitation text for the issue.

But that's not all! A different take on the Hasbro crossover will unfold in the five-issue "Revolution: Aw Yeah!" miniseries, with Art Baltazar -- known for his collaborations with Franco on acclaimed all-ages comics such as "Tiny Titans' -- bringing his distinct style to the Hasbro characters. CBR has the first look at the cover to April's issue #3, which includes a face-off between Destro and ROM, along with the solicitation text.

"Revolutionaries" #5 cover
"Revolutionaries" #5 cover by Robert Atkins.
"Revolutionaries" #5 cover
"Revolutionaries" #5 cover by Ron Joseph.

Revolutionaries #5

John Barber (w) • Fico Ossio (a) • Robert Atkins (c)

M.A.S.K. vs. the ATOMIC MAN! The Revolutionaries uncover the deep, dark secret of Mike Power, the Atomic Man—and enlist the help of M.A.S.K. to bring in the long-lost agent! But there's more to Power's story than anyone imagined, in the oddest story of 2017!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Revolutionaries #5—Subscription Variant

John Barber (w) • Fico Ossio (a) • Ron Joseph (c)

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Revolution: Aw Yeah! #3 cover
"Revolution: Aw Yeah!" #3 cover by Art Baltazar.

Revolution: Aw Yeah! #3 (of 5)

Art Baltazar (w & a & c)

THIS IS IT! The confrontations you’ve been waiting for! DESTRO vs ROM! Micronauts vs COBRA! The team-ups you’ve only imagined while playing with your action figures! ACROYEAR and BUMBLEBEE! SPACE GLIDER and SCARLET! Action? Excitement? Yes. This one has it all! Oh, and the evil BARON KARZA, too. By the EISNER AWARD Winning Cartoonist, ART BALTAZAR! Aw Yeah!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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