EXCLUSIVE! Invincible: The Series Trailer

The New York Times reported yesterday on the imminent launch of "Invincible: The Series," an animated version of Image Comics' hugely popular superhero title created by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker. Developed by MTV New Media and available July 22 on iTunes, Xbox, MTV.com, MTV2 and MTV Mobile, "Invincible: The Series" takes the actual pages of Kirkman and Walker's comic book and animates them through a process called Bomb-X. The stories are filled with motion, music and vocal performances similar to those of a traditionally produced cartoon.

To get a better idea of what "Invincible: The Series" will look and sound like, check out the official trailer exclusively here on CBR - just click the Invincible logo to view the video.

Episodes 1-12 of "Invincible: The Series" will cover the first four issues of "Invincible," and stories running through issue #13 are expected to be animated by mid-September.

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