EXCLUSIVE: "Invader Zim" #1 Celebrates World Domination in New Variant Covers

Zim is still focused on conquering Earth, but this time his plans are unfolding through the medium of comic books rather than animation.

With his creator Jhonen Vasquez at the helm of the Oni Press-published series, "Invader Zim" arrives in comic stores on July 8, and with him comes a slew of variant covers celebrating our new alien overlord. Today, CBR News has the exclusive first look at two of the covers available to fans -- one illustrated by Tyson Hesse and available only at Hastings, and the other a Game Stop exclusive by artist Mariel Cartwright.

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Oni's "Invader Zim" features the return of Jhonen Vasquez's hit Nickelodeon creation, which ran from 2001 to 2006. In an interview with CBR News regarding the new lease on life for Zim, GIR, Dib and the rest of the cartoon's cast, Vasquez said that while there have been some tweaks made in bringing the show to comics, "Zim himself, he's pretty much unchanged, and he's the one thing that I don't think should be tweaked at all. He is Zim! You can't mess with that."

"Invader Zim" #1, by Vasquez, penciler and writer Aaron Alexovich, writer Eric Trueheart, inker Megan Lawton and colorist Rikki Simons -- who happens to be the voice of GIR in the cartoon -- lands in comic stores July 8, 2015.

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