EXCLUSIVE: Introducing The Black Order of "Infinity" Part Three

On Free Comic Book Day 2013, Marvel Comics released a first look into its upcoming summer event: "Infinity" by Jonathan Hickman with art by Jim Cheung. Taking place in the far reaches of the galaxy, on a planet called Ahl-Agullo, the issue not only placed Thanos squarely in the game for the lead-up to the late-summer event, it also introduced Corvus Glaive, a deadly lieutenant to carry out the will of the Mad Titan.

As it turns out, Glaive is only the first of five dangerous and lethal lieutenants who serve Thanos as the Cull Obsidian for The Black Order -- which also includes the physically impressive Black Dwarf and the expert in psychological warfare Ebony Maw. For our final installment of a three-part special feature, CBR News spoke with Marvel Comics Executive Editor Tom Brevoort and "Infinity" writer Jonathan Hickman about the final two lieutenants in The Black Order: Supergiant, designed by Jerome Opeña, and Proxima Midnight, designed by Hickman himself.


From Jerome Opeña's designs, it's clear that Supergiant's name doesn't refer to her size -- but that doesn't mean her powers are any less formidable than the rest of the Black Order.

"History unknown. A mentally unstable omnipath and telepathic parasite, Supergiant seeks out intellect and devours it," said Jonathan Hickman. "What she knows, Thanos knows."

"Supergiant, as a term, refers to a particular grade of star that is of colossal size and colossal heat and colossal mass," said Brevoort. "She is probably the most outwardly psychotic of the five lieutenants. Her physicality belies what you might think of when you hear the name. You hear 'Supergiant' and you think, 'That's a Hank Pym character. That's a tall person.' In fact, while she's got some stature, she's not huge and massive. What she is, is a mentally unstable telepathic parasite, who is drawn to intelligence in the manner of gravity. Gravity attracts gravity, she is drawn to intelligence and sucks it dry. She's almost the information source among Thanos' guys. What she knows, Thanos knows."


By contrast, Proxima Midnight has more of a physical component to her power, armed with a dangerous spear-like weapon, and designed by "Infinity" writer himself, Jonathan Hickman.

"The cruelest of Thanos' generals," said Hickman. "A predator in every sense of the word, Proxima Midnight is the greatest warrior in Thanos' army."

"Proxima Midnight is a warrior, is a fighter, is the best actual combatant within not only Thanos' lieutenants, but within his whole army," said Brevoort. "She is literally a warrior princess type in that she's gotten to where she is through physical prowess and physical ability. Design-wise, she had to come from that. She was designed by Jonathan himself, actually, at the 11th hour. She comes very directly from his imagination in terms of her look and her feel. At a glance, you should look at her and know she's something of an ass-kicker and will do so bare handedly or with weapon in hand."

As for Proxima Midnight's weapon, the "Infinity" team is keeping things pretty close to the chest.

"It certainly seems to be a crazy spear gizmo, but it's comprised of the same metal and the same substance that her arm is either sheathed in or made out of," said Brevoort. "You can tell that there's more to it, perhaps, than seems to be apparent on the surface."

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