EXCLUSIVE: Infamous Iron Man #3 Preview Teases Secret Wars Revelations

Doctor Doom may be sincere in his attempts at reframing his legacy in the eyes of the world from super villain to superhero, but there's at least one person who's not buying it. Hint: He's got a pair of beautiful baby blues, his rocky skin is orange, and he's got a long history with Victor von Doom.

EXCLUSIVE: Doom Crushes the Past on Maleev’s Infamous Iron Man #3 Cover

In "Infamous Iron Man" #2, we saw Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev pit the Thing against his longtime Fantastic Four foe, a fight which spills over into CBR's exclusive first look at December's Issue #3.

Maleev's art also indicates that in addition to the teased return of Pepper Potts/Rescue, we might get a glimpse of the "Secret Wars" reality which had Doom as the master -- make that god -- of a Marvel Universe remade in his image. After all, we can't think of another reason why we're able to see multiple Thors reflected in the 2-page spread of Doom's classic mask.

"Infamous Iron Man" #3, by Bendis and Maleev with covers by Maleev, and Steve Epting, arrives December 21. Check out CBR's early look at the issue and its full solicitation copy below.


  • Variant Cover by STEVE EPTING
  • Some people from Tony Stark’s past have a VERY big problem with Victor Von Doom taking the mantle of Iron Man.
  • One of those people is Pepper Potts, a.k.a. Rescue!
  • She is back and she is pissed! Where has she been?
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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