EXCLUSIVE: Immortal Hulk Reveals Bruce Banner Has Become All He Hates

There's a long list of things the Immortal Hulk hates. Liars, people victimizing the less fortunate and puny Banner rank high on the list. But when it comes to Bruce Banner himself, there are precious few things he can say he truly hates. One of those things, though, would be his father, Brian Banner. Unfortunately, after a brush with Joe Fixit that ended in a mountain getting vaporized, it seems Bruce is one step closer to becoming dear old dad.

A preview for Immortal Hulk #18 catches up with Bruce after he, via his Joe Fixit personality, blew up Shadow Base Site A. However, Bruce isn't looking at all like himself. It turns out Joe Fixit tended to a few of Bruce's needs while he was in control of the scientist's body. One such need involves facial hair and some fancy clothes… which just so happen make Bruce look like his father, who appeared prominently earlier in the series as an otherworldly antagonist.

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The preview also closes out with a tease that Betty Ross has returned… changed.


  • Shadow Base has declared total war on Bruce Banner — and one by one, death is touching everyone he ever knew...except for one. The one monster who never dies — who returns, again and again, to hate and destroy. But it’s not the IMMORTAL HULK.
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

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