EXCLUSIVE: Image & Joe Harris' "Great Pacific" Trailer

Don't be frightened when you hear that Image Comics is putting out a story full of garbage this November. The publisher's new series from writer Joe Harris and artist Martin Morazzo, "Great Pacific," turns a real-life ecological disaster into a epic story of one character's coming of age wrapped in a political thriller. Image provided CBR News with a first look at the all-new trailer for the series.

Harris described the series earlier this month in a first interview, detailing how his three-year journey led to "Great Pacific's" birth as more than a simple origin story. "From the very beginning, 'Great Pacific' was going to strive to be an exploration of the basic 'Man vs. Nature' archetype, but with this twist, since nature has been subverted by man in our series," he said.

The series focuses on Chas Worthington, a billionaire oil heir who declares a sovereign nation out of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - a real-life ecological disaster which has grown out of plastic, trash and grime in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

"['Great Pacific'] is really about pride, ambition and even vanity: believing you've got the answers and being willing to smash your head through walls before you realize you don't have all of them," said Harris. "It's about living up to expectations, and the cost that burden can take. It's about striving to do big things in a world that can't seem to solve its problems anymore, and what happens when you bite off more than you can chew."

Check out the trailer, and stay tuned to CBR for more on the new series ahead of its November bow.

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