EXCLUSIVE: IDW's "Street Fighter X G.I. JOE" Full Tournament Brackets Revealed

Stars from Capcom's "Street Fighter" video game series and Hasbro's long-running "G.I. Joe" franchise are set to meet in "Street Fighter X G.I. Joe" -- a six-issue IDW Publishing comic book miniseries starting this February, from the team of writer Aubrey Sitterson and artist Emilio Laiso. Naturally, when those two crews get together, they fight -- in a 16-fighter tournament not unlike the WWE's "King of the Ring."

Get ready to place your bets and/or to rumble: CBR has the exclusive first look at the "Street Fighter X G.I. Joe" tournament brackets.

That's a first round featuring both Joes vs. Joes, Street Fighters vs. Street Fighters and Street Fighters vs. Joes. For those of you who like your information more text-based, fans can expect:

Rufus vs. The Baroness

Crimson Viper vs. Snake Eyes

Hakan vs. Roadblock

Ryu vs. Jinx

M. Bison vs. Cammy

Storm Shadow vs. Croc Master

Dan vs. Chun-Li

Gung-Ho vs. Guile

"Street Fighter X G.I. Joe" #1 is scheduled for release on Feb. 24.

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