EXCLUSIVE: IDW Celebrates Archie's 75th Anniversary with Mash-Up Variants

For years, IDW Publishing and Archie Comics have had a friendly relationship, with the former regularly producing high-end collections of the latter's classic comics.

This December, the two companies relationship gets even tighter when IDW wishes Archie Andrews a happy 75th birthday through a series of themed variant covers. IDW tells CBR News there will be eight variants offered throughout the month, many of which are illustrated by classic Archie artists.

We have the exclusive reveal of two of the variants fans can look out for in December: the cover for "Empire Rising" #7, featuring an homage to "Empire" co-creator Mark Waid's current "Archie" run, and "Angry Birds: Super Angry Birds" #4 which finds Captain Pureheart and his team clashing with the titular fowl.

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