EXCLUSIVE: Howard Chaykin Joins Dark Circle's "The Black Hood" for Special Issue

After this week's "The Black Hood" #5, the series -- the initial launch title of Archie Comics' crime-noir superhero line, Dark Circle Comics -- will go on a four-month hiatus. CBR has the exclusive first word that the publisher already has a high-profile plan in place for the book's return, with legendary artist Howard Chaykin set to guest-illustrate issue #6, scheduled for release in October and written by series regular Duane Swierczynski.

"We knew we wanted to take a beat after the events of 'The Bullet's Kiss' - and to give readers a good jumping-on point before we dive into the next dose of Duane and [regular series artist Michael] Gaydos," Dark Circle Comics line editor Alex Segura told CBR. "With that in mind, we thought it'd be neat to have someone else step in for an issue to bring Duane's story to life. It's no secret that I've loved Howard Chaykin's amazing run of variant covers on the first five issues of the series -- along with so much of his work over the years, from 'American Flagg! to 'Sattelite Sam.' Thankfully, Howard said yes. He really amps up the noir on a book that was already brimming with darkness and menace, and his presence elevates this issue to a very special status."

"Black Hood" #6 is said to be an easy entry point into the new series, with the title character "on another coast, as he stumbles into a mystery in the one place he never expected to be 'on the job.'" Here's the first look at three promotional images from the issue:

"Black Hood" #6 is scheduled for release on Oct. 28 from Archie Comics' Dark Circle Comics.

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