EXCLUSIVE: Hitch's "Real Heroes" Origin Strips Continue with the Patriot, Olympians

The debut issue of writer/artist Bryan Hitch's "Real Heroes" landed in stores today, and in support of his all-new, creator-owned Image Comics series, Hitch has provided CBR with some exclusive strips featuring behind the scenes information about the comic's stars -- and the characters they played on screen, before becoming actual superheroes.

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Yesterday, CBR presented the first two strips, which provide the on-screen origins for the Olympian, Hardware, Longbow, Velocity and Tiny Titan, plus a little background info and taste of the personalities of their off-screen counterparts.


Today, CBR presents the secret origin of the man known as the Patriot, a super-soldier imbued with power thanks to a special formula -- and his real world alter-ego, and actor who has to submit to contractually-obligated drug testing, while the second strip fills us in on the off-screen issues between the actors portraying the Patriot and the Olympian.

All four strips are written and illustrated by Hitch, with inks by Andrew Currie, colors by Laura Martin and letters by Chris Eliopoulos.

"Real Heroes" #1, published by Image Comics, is available now, in stores and digitally. CBR has a 12-page preview of the issue, here.


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