EXCLUSIVE: Hitch Presents Secret Origins of "Real Heroes'" Olympian, Longbow & More

The debut issue of writer/artist Bryan Hitch's "Real Heroes" landed in stores today, and in support of his all-new, creator-owned Image Comics series, Hitch has provided CBR with some exclusive strips featuring behind the scenes information about the comic's stars -- and the characters they played on screen, before becoming actual superheroes.

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Today, CBR presents the first two strips, which provide the on-screen origins for the Olympian, Hardware, Longbow, Velocity and Tiny Titan, plus a little background info and taste of the personalities of their off-screen counterparts. Both strips are written and illustrated by Hitch, with inks by Andrew Currie, colors by Laura Martin and letters by Chris Eliopoulos.

"Real Heroes" #1, published by Image Comics, is available now, in stores and digitally. CBR has a 12-page preview of the issue, here.

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