EXCLUSIVE: Hit-Girl Heads to Mumbai Thanks To Milligan & Sampson

Hit-Girl has already gone international, and under the watch of Peter Milligan and Alison Sampson, Millarworld's lethal former sidekick adds another country to her bloody passport in October's Hit-Girl Season Two #9

In October, Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s teenaged vigilante metes out her hyper-violent brand of justice in India, and CBR has an exclusive look at what lies in store for her when she hits her new town in search of her latest target.

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"Hit-Girl gets under the skin of Mumbai, away from the tourist hotspots." Milligan told us of the arc. "[She] meets a spicy melange of some of the remarkable citizens of that remarkable city, from lowly beggars, the 'third gender' or Hijras, to brutal gangsters. And she kills plenty of them."

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"The extremely rich exist alongside those with very little property, and the city - which must be one of the most maximal in the world - is full of people and stuff and hums with life around the clock," Sampson added. "Hit-Girl descends into this dense sea of lives and stories and our arc is what comes of that. Our working title was 'No Man's Land,' and, without giving away spoilers (not one thing or another? or belonging to no man? or the place in between? or something about being lost? or something else? or all these things and more?), that remains apt. Also, there's lots and lots of color. All life is here, pretty much. It certainly feels like it from drawing it. And a sometimes softer Hit-Girl, stripped back for the occasion."

"There's no one more metal than twelve-year-old girls," Sampson said of the character. "So when Mark [Millar] and Rachael [Fulton], who edits the Netflix Millarworld books, and these books, too, asked me to take on Hit-Girl in India, it was an ideal opportunity to get to know Mindy a bit better. I've been wanting to make a girl empowerment book for quite a while, and this is one of those. There are some amazing artists involved in [the comic], and everyone knows Hit-Girl from the films, so it was somewhat daunting. But at the end of the day, she is just a twelve-year-old girl with feelings and thoughts and fears, and we can do a lot with that."

Hit-Girl: Season Two #9, by Peter Milligan and Alison Sampson, arrives October 16 from Image Comics and Netflix/Millarworld.

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