EXCLUSIVE: Heroes: Broadcasting Live From Los Angeles

Wednesday morning, a location scout was driving around Los Angeles' Crenshaw District getting ready to bring the production to town. Apparently, filming will take place at Jack's Chili Factory either during the last week of October or the first week of November.

The scout was also trying to find an area large enough to be made into a "town hall" in Odessa (with the environs, one would assume he meant Texas, although this week's episode was sending HRG and The Haitian to the former Soviet republic) which would play host to a scene involving an evacuation because "the virus gets out," meaning that the threat that killed Dr. Mohinder Suresh's sister would come to the United States. They looked at Lula Washington Dance Theatre in particular for the appropriate amount of space needed.

Reportedly, actors Milo Ventimiglia (who plays Peter Petrelli) and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Dr. Mohinder Suresh) will be in the work, which implies that Peter's time as an Irish mobster is limited.

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