EXCLUSIVE: Heavy Metal Undergoes Editorial Shift, Morrison's First Issue Delayed

Due to health reasons, "Heavy Metal" managing editor Dan Berger has stepped down indefinitely from the position. CBR has the exclusive first word that Tim Daniel, best known as a designer for multiple comics publishers and the writer of 215Ink's "Enormous," will subsequently take over as editor in charge of production at "Heavy Metal."

Additionally, former Dark Horse Comics editor Brendan Wright will also begin contributing to the magazine in an editorial capacity.

In a statement, Heavy Metal wished Berger "a speedy recovery and return to his post."

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Given the management shift, Grant Morrison's inaugural issue as Editor-in-Chief will be #280, which debuts in April 2016. "Heavy Metal" #279, which was originally intended to be Morrison's first issue, will now feature work by Enki Bilal and the Molen Brothers, as well as a continuation of Erika Lewis and J.K. Woodward's "The 49th Key." Cover artists Mike Mitchell and Aaron Horkey will also contribute with a gallery and artist studio features. Further, Mitchell and Horkey's cover for the issue will be the first time an "animal" has been featured on the cover since Moebius' June 1977 cover for "Heavy Metal" #3. Jeff Dekal illustrated a variant for the issue.

Rock poster artist Frank Kozik, Asylum Press founder Frank Forte and "Metal Pesado" editor Ricardo Llarena will also contribute to upcoming issues. Morrison is scheduled to appear at Comikaze Expo 2015 on Sunday, Nov. 1, where he's billed to reveal details behind the stories and contributors in his first issue of "Heavy Metal."

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