EXCLUSIVE: Heavy Metal's 1985 Promises Readers a Sci-Fi Space Punk Epic


In Heavy Metal's newest series, the past isn't exactly what we remember. 1985 presents a different version of the mid-80s, one in which the space race took on a very different form thanks to events which began when Cuba actually launch nuclear missiles several decades earlier.

The new series, co-written by Image Comics veteran Michael Moreci (Roche Limit, Black Star Renegades) and newcomer Seth Sherwood (Leatherface) with art by John Bivens, is a sci-fi tale set in a past not too terribly dissimilar from ours, though there are some things that went a little bit differently in the comic's reality...

Described by Moreci as "kind of a mix of Repo Man and Star Trek," 1985 presents a reality "where the push away from Earth relies on duct tape, analog computers, and unstable solid rocket fuel."

1985 #1, by Michael Moreci, Seth Sherwood and John Bivens arrives in stores Wednesday, October 11 from Heavy Metal. You can check out the official first look at the series' debut issue and official series description below.

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Welcome to an alternate 1985 where the space race never slowed down… where the push away from Earth relies on duct tape, analog computers, and unstable solid rocket fuel…

Fuck space.

It’s the worst. Max, Roach, Doc, and Bear are the dregs of the cosmos. Punks. Losers. Dropouts. They make cash repossessing the starships of deadbeats who don’t make their payments. When they unknowingly jack a mysterious ship, they find themselves thrust into a conflict between the US and USSR. Targeted by American cyborg assassins, mad Soviet agents, Japanese video hackers, and every degenerate space punk bounty hunter between the Earth and Moon, their apolitical nihilistic morals are put to the test, making these losers into unlikely heroes.

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