EXCLUSIVE: Gwenpool Aims to Unmask Spider-Man In New Miniseries

After her stint with the West Coast Avengers, Gwendolyn "Gwen" Poole will get a new solo miniseries from writer Leah Williams (Giant-Man) and artist David Baldeon (Domino): Gwenpool Strikes Back.

Marvel Comics provided the solicitation and Uncanny X-Men artist Terry Dodson's cover for the issue exclusively to CBR. The solicitation for Gwenpool Strikes Back #1 teases the titular hero fighting to stay out of "comic book limbo" by trying to make an impact on the Marvel Universe. Her first goal is to unmask Spider-Man and reveal he's Peter Parker to the world.

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  • written by Leah Williams
  • illustrated by David Baldeon
  • cover by Terry Dodson
  • That’s right — everyone’s favorite comics-fan-turned-comics character is back, and this time, she’s playing for keeps! Gwen Poole is desperate not to disappear into comic book limbo, so she’s going to make an impact on the Marvel Universe! First up: Unmask Spider-Man! And heck, maybe see if she can get some real super-powers while she’s at it!

First appearing on a variant cover for Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2, Gwenpool has become something of a cult character for Marvel. She received her own series, The Unbelievable Gwenpool, in 2016. That comic ran until 2018.

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Gwenpool Strikes Back #1 releases August 7.

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