EXCLUSIVE: Guice to Join Valiant's "Ninjak" Ongoing

Out of the initial new series announced for Valiant Entertainment's "Valiant Next" publishing initiative, fans were understandably excited about the "Ninjak" series headed up by Matt Kindt and Clay Mann -- and now, CBR can exclusively announce that Valiant is adding one more creator to the team of the anticipated series. Eisner-winning artist Butch Guice, known for his work on "Captain America" and "Action Comics," will join the creative team for a new monthly second feature that will focus on Ninjak's origin. The second feature will increase each issue of "Ninjak" to 40 pages, with no increase in price to fans.

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"Matt Kindt is one of the sharpest writers anywhere today, and he's crafted an intricate, intelligent, and action-packed debut for the series that fans have been demanding since Ninjak first stepped onto the scene in X-O Manowar #5," Valiant Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons said via press release. "Combine that with two of the most talented artists in comics today -- Clay Mann and Butch Guice -- and you have a book that's going to defy everything you thought you knew about Valiant's number one ninja super-spy. Over the course of the first few issues, you'll see these two time periods -- Ninjak's training and origin, and his first solo adventure in the modern day -- inform each other and, eventually, interact and overlap. It's an ambitious series -- and we're excited to give it the space it needs to deliver at 40 pages monthly."

"Ninjak is an incredibly important character within the Valiant Universe, and his first monthly series is going to be a major cornerstone of our plans for the future," said Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. "With a team like Matt, Clay, and Butch at the helm and an expanded page count in each and every issue, we can guarantee that this a series that no fan of the comics medium -- new or old -- will want to miss. The 'Valiant Next' initiative was forged around the belief that our greatest stories have yet to be told, and 'Ninjak' embodies that mission statement in every regard. This is a series that is pushing the boundaries of what you have seen before."

Check out some exclusive images from "Ninjak" #1 below, including three covers and four never-before-seen pages. The issue debuts March 11.

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