EXCLUSIVE: "Gotham" Explores Bruce and Alfred's Relationship and 'What Lies Below'

In nearly every incarnation of the Batman mythos, the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred is a key dynamic in shaping the story at a human level. Fox's "Gotham" is no exception, with the roles played by David Mazouz (the young Bruce Wayne) and Sean Pertwee (Alfred).

On this past Monday's episode, "Knock, Knock," the relationship between the two saw new conflict: Alfred destroying Bruce's father's computer -- and with it, Wayne Enterprises secrets -- in an effort to protect Bruce. CBR has the exclusive debut of the "What Lies Below" featurette focusing on Bruce and Alfred's journey in the show's second season, featuring thoughts form Mazouz, Pertwee and executive producer Danny Cannon.

"In Bruce and Alfred's quest to find out who his father really was, they will go through a rough patch," Mazouz said.

"What is a man as a guardian to do in a situation like that?" Pertwee adds. "Does he discourage him from it, or does he let him become a man?"

Additionally, here's a look at a fateful clip from Monday's episode between the two:

"Gotham" airs 8 p.m. Mondays on Fox.

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