EXCLUSIVE: Gillen & McKelvie Tease "Amateurs" for Marvel NOW!

Across the waves of teasers for Marvel Comics' incoming Marvel NOW! relaunch, some installments have been more mysterious than others. Today the publisher shared the following image exclusively with CBR, and eagle-eyed fans should have an easier time putting the pieces together on the comic.

Of course, the creative team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie are known not just for their Marvel work but for their acclaimed creator-owned Image series "Phonogram." And while this teaser may help explain the recent delay of that book's next volume into 2013, the phrase "Amateurs" also helps put the recent pieces together.

Last week, a wave of images released from October's "Marvel Point One NOW!" one-shot anthology showed that the pair would contribute a story featuring Kid Loki (a character Gillen earned fans with on "Journey Into Mystery") and the "Vengeance" character Miss America Chavez. Combine that with the fact that the "Point One" book was initially teased as featuring "Young Avengers" characters Hulkling and Wiccan, and it's not hard to see a youth-focused team book of some sort in Gillen and McKelvie's future, and considering the Marvel NOW! focus on the X-Men and Avengers franchises, possibly even a revamped Young Avengers team.

Stay tuned to CBR over the coming days for more on the series, "Point One" and all of Marvel's New York Comic Con plans.

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