EXCLUSIVE: Frankie Boyle Brings Rex Royd to a Close After Six-Year Delay

Rex Royd will rise from his grave this September to finish the journey he was never able to complete in Mark Millar’s Clint Magazine. Titan Comics revealed today that writer Frankie Boyle will conclude the Rex Royd storyline in Rex Royd: The Complete Collection, which will also reveal 33 brand-new, never-before-seen pages to the world.

Rex Royd began life in Millar’s Clint Magazine, a comics-focused publication that launched in 2010 and folded in 2013. Clint Magazine was home to much of Millar’s work, the likes of which included Kick-Ass 2, American Jesus, Nemesis, Superior, The Secret Service and Hit-Girl, but it also published stories like Jonathan Ross's Turf and Rex Royd by Scottish comedian and writer Frankie Boyle.


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Rex Royd lasted for a total of seven issues before Clint Magazine’s closure cut the series short. Now, nearly six years later, the bombastic story will get closure in the form of a collection that brings together the original series with an ending by the original creator. Check out some early art from the collection below:

"Titan are so excited to be finally collecting the full Rex Royd epic into one collection," Senior Editor Martin Eden said in a press release, "As we knew from the original run in Clint, Frankie Boyle is such a creative force, and it's a dream to work with him once more with this project!"


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Rex Royd followed the eponymous corporate antihero, super-scientist and businessman through his many adventures wrangling all manner of threats, from costumed metahumans to a race of shapeshifting lizards who secretly run the world. The series was renowned for its willingness to push the boundaries of good taste (a proudly-displayed selling point of the comic) in as many ways as possible.

"One of the unsung heroes of Mark Millar's much-loved comic magazine Clint was Frankie Boyle and Mike Dowling's epic, Rex Royd,” Chris Thompson, brand manager at Titan Comics. “Equal parts Batman and Elon Musk, Rex was the 'Renaissance Man of Madness,' taking on all comers from the superhuman Proteoman to God Himself. It fills me with nauseous delight to see the circle finished and released in this complete edition at last!"


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Boyle will return to pen the final installments in Rex Royd: The Complete Collection, with art by Mike Dowling and Budi Setiawan. The collection will run 112 pages and retail for $16.99. Rex Royd: The Complete Collection releases on Sept. 19.

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