EXCLUSIVE: Francis Manapul's Speedy Take On DC's Essentials

DC Comics fans who love artist Francis Manapul's take on the Flash have one more chance to grab some of his art featuring the Scarlet Speedster.

That's because on January 28, the publisher is releasing their 2015 graphic novel promotional giveaway with a new cover by Manapul highlighting the Flash and several other DCU mainstays. And CBR News has the exclusive first look at the image.

As in years past, the "DC Entertainment Graphic Novel Essentials And Chronology" release is a go-to guide for the ins and outs of the publisher's book offerings. Aside from DC's personal picks for their Top 25 graphic novels, the giveaway will also feature reading guides and chronological timelines for their various imprints.

Manapul drew and colored the cover image that includes his previous DC hero as well as his latest in Batman alongside other members of the Justice League.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more from DC as the new year approaches.

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