EXCLUSIVE: Francavilla Covers Palahniuk & Stewart's "Fight Club 2"

Every summer, Comic-Con International in San Diego is home to some massive announcements, and in 2014, one of the biggest was word that author Chuck Palahniuk's "Fight Club" was set to receive a sequel in comic form.

Today, CBR has the exclusive debut of the variant cover for "Fight Club 2" #2 by Eisner winner Francesco Francavilla.

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Published by Dark Horse Comics, "Fight Club 2," written by Palahniuk and featuring art by Eisner Award winner Cameron Stewart, picks up two decades after the original left off, and incorporates much of Palahniuk's own life experiences into its story, not the least of which are his experiences with psychotropic medication.

"I had never taken anti-depressants or anti-anxiety pills, and in the twenty years after after my father was killed I took Zoloft for a couple years. More recently, because of the pressure of being with so many people so much of the time I started taking Lorazepam when I was doing promotion -- an anti-anxiety drug," Palahniuk's told CBR TV last summer. "I've talked about this with Trent Reznor, and I've talked about this with so many creative people that when you're on those drugs you can't create. You can promote, you can perform, but you can't create the thing itself. Part of the sequel to 'Fight Club' is the fact that the narrator has spent the last 20 years on psychotropic drugs that suppress Tyler [Durden], and in doing so they kind of suppress and preclude the very best aspect of him."

"Fight Club 2" #1 arrives in stores on Wednesday, May 27.

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