EXCLUSIVE: "Five Ghosts'" Barbiere Joins Dynamite NYCC Teasers

On Monday, Dynamite Entertainment kicked off a series of teasers leading to what the publisher tells us will be a huge event to be announced at New York Comic Con. Following up on the first two teasers, which saw a Greg Pak, lizardesque image pairing the writer's name with the word WHAT, stating "The Terrors Return...," and Fred Van Lente's name sharing the spotlight with the word IS and the phrase "The Future Fights Back..." CBR has the exclusive reveal of the third stage of the campaign.

"Five Ghosts" writer Frank Barbiere joins the growing lineup for the top secret project, bringing with him the word THE (WHAT IS THE...?) and the cautionary warning "The Power Consumes..."

The Power Consumes...

Dynamite proudly provides the third teaser for a spectacular
new comics event slated for early 2014.

The final revelation will arrive on Friday, October 11th.

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