EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Tony Stark Armors Up In Land's "Iron Man" #1 Interiors

Marvel Comics continues its week of interior reveals for upcoming books in the Marvel NOW! publishing initiative following the conclusion of the epic "Avengers Vs. X-Men" mega-event. First, it was Stuart Immonen's interior art for "All-New X-Men" #1. Then, the publisher debuted Esad Ribic's pages for "Thor: God of Thunder" #1. Today, Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Greg Land's interiors for "Iron Man" #1, written by Kieron Gillen.

The upcoming "Iron Man" relaunch will focus on Tony Stark's relationship with women, multiple new suits of armor and the Extremis aspect of the Armored Avenger in five one-and-done issues.

"[H]e's a morally complex guy," Gillen said after the initial announcement. "Just the fact that he found himself put in, inarguably, the position of the bad guy for a while, and that he defended it. He crushes it, actually, and there's a lovely bit in "Avengers Vs. X-Men" where he goes to Cap, 'You know, you're actually arguing what I was arguing [in 'Civil War'],' which I loved."

Check out Land's colored interiors below and stay tuned for more on Marvel NOW!

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