EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: "Thunderbolts" #145

SPOILER WARNING: The surprise ending of this week's "Thunderbolts" #144 is revealed below!

Nobody ever said reform was easy, and this week in Marvel's "Thunderbolts" #144, the new team of captured villains got a surprise lesson in how hard going straight is going to be.

At the end of the issue, former TBolts leader Baron Zemo appeared blasting Luke Cage and offering to take any new team members who want freedom with him. "How can you kick off a new era of Thunderbolts without Zemo?" said editor Bill Rosemann. "But what are his plans for his former team? Who in the new squad is going to take him up on his offer? How are former allies Songbird, Mach V and Fixer going to react? And how quickly is Cage going to yank that purple mask off his head? Jeff Parker will reveal all the answers in Thunderbolts #145...and the killer combo of Kev Walker and Frank Martin will make it all look so, so pretty!"

Writer Jeff Parker added, "All I'm going to say, is that, yes, the reach of Baron Zemo has made its way back to The Thunderbolts. They are part of his grand plans- which is for the good of us all, of course!"

Below, Marvel shares an exclusive first look at Kev Walker's pages from June's "Thunderbolts" #145 featuring Zemo's full return to action and even more familiar faces along the way!

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