EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Spencer & Rossmo's NYCC "Bedlam" Variant

When it ships to comic shops on Halloween, Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo's "Bedlam" will provide readers with a new kind of series at Image Comics. Part psychological thriller, part supervillain story, the book concerns the life of Fillmore Press -- former mad criminal and current ally of the law. Of course, those competing ideas will make for some surprising turns.

Readers attending this month's New York Comic Con will get an advance look at the launch, and today, CBR is happy to share an exclusive first look at the cover of the book's NYCC edition where Fillmore's past self seems poised to break on through to his present mind.

Last month, Spencer described the character in a CBR interview saying, "Fillmore Press was once Madder Red, a serial killer and criminal overlord who terrorized the city of Bedlam. Something happened, he got better...when we first meet Fillmore, he's living in a small, run-down studio apartment on the wrong side of town. It's a far cry from the murderous glamour of his old life. Where he was once an almost ubiquitous symbol of the city, he seems far removed from the action now, unrecognized and unnoticed without his mask and with the passage of time. That, obviously, ain't gonna last for long."

Stay tuned to CBR for more on NYCC and "Bedlam" in the weeks ahead.

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