EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Pichelli's "Spider-Men" #1 Cover

After a series of teaser images, Marvel revealed last month that fans of both of its main universes -- the classic 616 and the Ultimate version -- are in for a wild ride this summer as the previously unthinkable is set to happen in the pages of "Spider-Men." Today, the publisher has provided CBR News with an exclusive first look at series artist Sara Pichelli's cover for the miniseries' first issue.

Written by "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man's" Brian Michael Bendis, the upcoming miniseries will see the world of superheroing veteran Peter Parker explode as he comes face to face with the younger, hardly-experienced Miles Morales. And while specific details about the miniseries are still a tightly-guarded Marvel secret, CBR News spoke with Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about the series shortly after it was announced.

"Having Miles Morales bump shoulders with Peter Parker in the year we're celebrating Spider-Man's 50th Anniversary was just too delicious to pass up," Alonso said. Here's an enormously popular new character who's embarked on his maiden voyage as a superhero meeting a veteran superhero from another universe. What a story. As we began discussing the possibility, Brian [Bendis]'s story started to take shape and we knew we had to let him do it."

And while longtime readers may be confused about the coming crossover in light of then-EiC Joe Quesada's 2005 statements about this sort of storyline, the current CCO of Marvel addressed those concerns in a recent CBR TV segment.

"I've grown with my job and I've learned a lot of things with my job. Things that may have been relevant in 2005 aren't necessarily relevant in 2006, 2007, 2008. That's the simplest answer to this thing. It's just that people like to read the Internet blurb and they like to throw that back at me," Quesada said of his infamous comment about a Marvel U/Ultimate Marvel crossover being indicative of the publisher running out of ideas. "I'm not running for office so I am entitled to change my mind, I'm entitled to change my view on things. When it came to this particular story, this Spider-Man story we're working with, somebody in the creative room had a really good idea for this crossover. I don't know who that was, but they had a great idea."

SPIDER-MEN #1 (APR120603)





Variant Cover by SARA PICHELLI

FOC - 5/21/12, ON-SALE 6/13/12

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