EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Pasqual Ferry's "Pandora" Variant Cover

Before she becomes embroiled in -- and perhaps even the focal point of -- DC Comics' Trinity War, the mysterious Pandora moves from the outskirts of the New 52 right into her own series.

Debuting in April, "Pandora: Trinity of Sin" finds the magic-based character shifting from her recent status as a supporting player in fellow Trinity title "Phantom Stranger" to headliner where she'll get a few issues under her belt before tumbling full-on into the summer's Justice League-fueled crossover. However, it's not all about capes and tights for her, as series writer Ray Fawkes told CBR in a recent interview that she has some "family" issues to work out even as she discovers what her role is in the DCU.

"There's no love lost between [Pandora] and the Phantom Stranger and the Question. In my opinion she thinks that she's the one who's hard done by and they deserve what they got," Fawkes said of Pandora's place in the Trintiy of Sin. "They would have different feelings about that, I'm sure, but from her perspective it's, "Why did you throw me in with these terrible people?" I think there are readers who will side with the Phantom Stranger or The Question or any combination of the three, and there definitely will be some who think she's in the right."

Below, CBR debuts an exclusive first look at artist Pasqual Ferry's variant cover for "Pandora: Trinity of Sin" #1, featuring the titular heroine set against the backdrop of DC's new embodiments of the Seven Deadly Sins, typically seen in the halls of Shazam. The series debuts June 19.

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