EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Millar & Quitely's "Jupiter's Legacy" #1

When it hits comic shops this April, the first issue of Mark Millar's latest creator-owned Millarworld title should be both what fans expected and also not. Published by Image Comics, the series is now known as "Jupiter's Legacy" after being announced under the working title "Jupiter's Children." But even with that small change, readers will likely get what they bargained for when it comes to the art from Millar's co-creator Frank Quitely.

And with only a few months before the bi-monthly series ships, it's time to judge for yourself as Millar shared an exclusive first look at Quitely's pages from issue #1 with colors by Pete Doherty.

The story of the world's very first superheroes and their less-than-super kids, "Jupiter's Legacy" is planned as an epic series that takes readers from the earliest days of the Golden Age through the darker modern era. Below, readers can check out the discovery of super powers as well as a modern battle from super godfather Sampson as Quitely flexes some new art muscles for a mixed media twist on what Millar called "a four dimensional psychic painting."

Stay tuned tomorrow for a full interview with the writer on his plans for "Jupiter's Legacy."

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