EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Millar and Yu's "Supercrooks"

Courtesy of Titan Magazines' "CLiNT," CBR presents an exclusive first look at Leinil Francis Yu's art and sketches for "Supercrooks," as well as excerpts from "CLiNT's" upcoming interview with "Supercrooks" creators Yu, Mark Millar and Nacho Vigalondo.

MARK MILLAR on what readers can expect from from Supercrooks.

Supercrooks is such a simple idea - the guy that runs Marvel, Dan Buckley, said to me once "You're the master of the obvious idea", and it took me about an hour to figure out that it was an insult. Kick-Ass is one of those stories that is kind of obvious, it's about what would happen if somebody without super powers in the real world tried to become a superhero. This is another one of those really simple concepts - all the superheroes live in America, so why do the supervillains always commit crimes in Metropolis, Gotham City, or Star City? Why don't they just go somewhere where there are no superheroes? It would make life an awful lot easier for them. I remember thinking that if I was the Joker or the Mirror Master or someone, I think I'd head for somewhere like Glasgow, where the worst thing that will happen is being chased by a fat cop. That's the idea of it really, only I thought I'd make it a bit more exotic, so I ended up making it Spain instead. So a bunch of supervillains head for Spain for one last job, for a heist. And I love heist movies - I've always wanted to do a 'men on a mission' story with supervillains. So the idea is a bunch of super-villains get together to pull off one last job; the biggest job of their career.

MARK MILLAR on selling the movie rights to Supercrooks before it was written.

Well, this was quite weird, it happened at Kapow Comic-con. I wasn't going to announce this until next year, but we ended up having a gap in the schedule because we ended up not announcing the Dave Gibbons project. We had this panel where we said we were announcing something, but we didn't have anything to announce! So Leinil drew the cover [to Supercrooks] for me that morning - he put the advert together in an hour on his iPad. Then we plugged [the iPad] into the panel at Kapow and the image popped up, and everybody seemed to really like it. We needed something to plug the gap, but it went viral and everybody started talking about it online. Universal Studios has some spies at Kapow, there was a studio presence that I knew about and there were people that I didn't know about. So Universal heard about it, got in touch on the Wednesday and bought it that night! It was absolutely crazy! It's such a ridiculous story but it's absolutely true.

NACHO VIGALONDO on what made him want to work with Mark Millar

There is a very simple answer to that question - I was a fan of his work! We come from the same universe, we think of things in the same way, because he comes from comic books and I come from Spanish indie films, which exist in parallel realities. But I have been into comic books for all my life; in fact I think that somehow I am a comic book guy before I am a movie guy. I feel very close to [Mark] because my ideal is making movies that feel special somehow, they try to be unique at some point, what they never forget is to try to be as much fun as possible. I am terrified of boring people! For me boring people is the worst thing! I can feel that level of energy from Mark Millar books.

LEINIL FRANCIS YU: The idea for Supercrooks seems to have a slightly European feel. Does this affect the way you think about the concept artwork?

On the settings and background art, definitely, and the European look is also apparent on how I draw the bad guys. As for the lesser bad guys, the Supercrooks, it's a long process of back and forth emails with Mark Millar. I think I spent four or five solid days of nothing but designs and emails with Mark. It was long but well worth it.

Check out CLiNT #9 to read more about Supercrooks and a first look at more never before seen artwork by Leinil Francis Yu!

CLiNT #9 is on-sale June 30 in the UK and July 26 in the US, available from all good retailers and specialist comic stores.

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