EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Gillen & McKelvie's "Young Avengers"

Earlier this morning, CBR had the first interview with Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie about their role as the team behind Marvel's new "Young Avengers" title for Marvel NOW! In the interview, both writer and artist compared and contrasted their work on "Young Avengers" with "Phonogram," the acclaimed Image Comics series that placed the pair firmly in the comic industry spotlight.

"I guess it is the closest thing we've done to 'Phonogram' in the Marvel Universe," McKelvie said of "Young Avengers." "It's very important that they are teenage super heroes."

"I'm writing scripts for Jamie in a combined method," Gillen added. "It's kind of what I'm doing with "Phonogram 3" as well. If we've got a scene that's kind of casual and downbeat or one that involves the general social scene it's very gritty and grounded, but the second action or anything that's fantastical happens we go to Marvel method. So we've got this contrast between normal scenes that are quite grounded, and when shit happens, it happens in a way that looks completely different."

Now, Marvel has released an exclusive first look at McKelvie's interiors from the series, a two-page spread that gives fans an example of how, exactly, "Young Avengers'" fight scenes will stand out from your typical comic book battle.

Stay tuned to CBR for more on "Young Avengers" and Marvel NOW!

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