EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: Capullo's "Death of The Family" Die-Cut Covers

When Batman's arch-nemesis makes his return to the Dark Knight's world this fall, the Joker will be coming with a horrific new "face mask" made up of his own torn off skin. And to help accentuate the frightening feel of the "Death Of The Family" event that kicks off with October's "Batman" #13, DC Comics has tapped series artist Greg Capullo to draw a series of special die-cut covers featuring the faces of Batman's closest allies.

Below, CBR News has an exclusive first look at Capullo's art for the covers. Capullo's art graces "Batman," "Batgirl" and "Catwoman" #13 in October, "Suicide Squad" #14 in November and "Detective Comics," "Batman & Robin," "Nightwing," "Red Hood & The Outlaws" and "Teen Titans" #15 in December.

When he spoke with CBR earlier this month, Capullo called the cover creating process "a bit of a challenge. The die cut itself had to have straight edges. The other challenge was working within the limitation of using only have of a characters face and reusing the same angle for all. Trying to show individual personalities within these confines. I think I pulled it off."

Stay tuned to CBR for more on "Death Of The Family" throughout October and beyond!

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