Exclusive: First look at 'Undertow' #3-6 variant covers

Image Comics has provided ROBOT 6 with an exclusive first look at the variant covers for Undertow #3-6, by artists Brian Churilla, Jake Wyatt, JM Ringuet and Christopher Mitten.

Created by Steve Orlando and Artyom Trakhanov, the new miniseries imagines modern-day Atlantis as a world superpower known for its opulence and excess. But Redum Ashargal seeks to liberate his people from their underwater life and sets out to find a legendary creature believed to hold the secrets of life on land.

"Anshargal is, at this point, like the Clint Eastwood meets Bill Nye of underwater adventure," Orlando told Comic Book Resources in December. "He's gruff, hard-edged, incredibly intelligent, and incredibly stubborn. He doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, doesn't care that people think he's a terrorist, or that Atlantis hates him. He doesn't care about Atlantis at all, in fact. He only cares about people who want to live differently. Anshargal is like the world's toughest-love dad. When it comes to his own people, he cares like it's his job, like it's always on his mind. His dedication to creating a new life for his people is complete.  He has worked to become this monolithic leader, reinvented himself, all as a response to what Atlantis did to him."

Undertow #2 arrives March 19, followed by Issue 3 on April 23.

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