Exclusive: First Look at 'Seventh Son' Concept Art

In Legendary Pictures' Seventh Son, Oscar winner Jeff Bridges stars as the only remaining warrior of a mystical order who travels the land in search of a prophesied hero, the last Seventh Son (Ben Barnes of The Chronicles of Narnia). Torn from his life as a farmhand, the unlikely young hero sets off to rid the kingdom of a dark queen (Julianne Moore) and her army of supernatural assassins.

Based on the Joseph Delaney book series The Last Apprentice, director Sergei Bodrov's fantasy film is set in a land of enchantment where fearsome creatures -- ghosts, boggarts and witches, among them -- menace the population, at least until they're dispatched by Bridges' John Gregory and his apprentice Tom Ward.


Ahead of the film's Feb. 6 premiere, Legendary has provided SPINOFF ONLINE with an exclusive first look at some of Anton Kokarev's concept art, which showcases the heroes, the land and the monsters of Seventh Son.

The Heroes of Seventh SonHumanity is protected from the forces of darkness by the Falcon Knights: an ancient order of noble warriors. There once stood 1,000 Falcon Knights; now, only 1 remains - and he can't win this battle alone. When an army of dark creatures rises to unleash their wrath upon the world of man, only the power of the Seventh Son can save us.

The Land of Seventh SonDiscover a limitless fantasy realm with haunted forests, gleaming cities, towering waterfalls and castle fortresses carved in the heart of mountains. Welcome to a world where legends and nightmares are real.


The Monsters of Seventh SonThis world is populated with creatures that take many forms, from haunting ghosts and ghasts, to giant boggarts and ferocious dragons. And beware of shape-shifting witches and warlocks, with the power to transform from ordinary humans into wild animals and flying beasts. In this world, nothing is quite as it appears...

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