EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Opena's "Avengers" #2 Pages

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Jerome Opena's interior pages for "Avengers" #2, written by Jonathan Hickman. The pages of the December-launching Marvel NOW! series feature Opena's renditions of Captain America, Tony Stark, Wolverine, Spider-Man and more -- and according to writer Jonathan Hickman, they're only part of a larger cast of 22 or more members.

"[Part of the challenge was] just thinking about a structure that works with the rest of the guys writing all the other books in the Marvel NOW! stuff," Hickman said in October. "One of the things we talked about was creating a structure where those guys would evolve in all their own books, and that stuff will be reflected in ['Avengers.']" However, the focus will also be on how the other characters interact and are affected by Marvel's heavy hitters."

Check out Opena's pages below.

Hickman and Opena's "Avengers" launches in December.

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