EXCLUSIVE: First Look At McNiven & Leisten's "Death of Wolverine" #1 Interiors

Marvel Comics' "Death of Wolverine" is coming soon -- and it's up to Charles Soule and Steve McNiven to usher the best there is at what he does into the early stages of the afterlife. In anticipation of the storyline's upcoming September debut, Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Jay Leisten's inks over McNiven's pencils for "Death of Wolverine" #1 interiors, which feature good looks at both Wolverine and Reed Richards.

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"Each issue focuses on a different era or 'aspect' of Wolverine's history," Soule told CBR in April. So, one issue focuses on the Origin-type vibe, while other issues look at other periods. It's all built around the idea that Wolverine, for once, is truly vulnerable. He's doing what he can to survive until, hopefully, one of his genius buddies in the MU is able to figure out how to turn his healing factor back on. Logan has always been a magnet for violence, though, and this story is no exception. He can withdraw from society, try to hide away -- and he does -- but that's not going to work forever. There's an overarching story that's bigger than just the premise, but it's still early days, and I'd rather wait to start getting more specific until we get a bit closer to the issues hitting the stands."

Check out McNiven & Leisten's art below.

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