EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Leinil Yu's "America's Got Powers" Variant

Upcoming Image Comics title "America's Got Powers" is certainly not a project that lacks sufficient starpower, being the creation of Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch, but that hasn't stopped the creative team from inviting a few of their friends along for the ride. Today, CBR has the exclusive first look at artist Leinil Francis Yu's variant cover for the title's April-shipping debut issue.

Not only does the Yu-illustrated cover offer readers a further glimpse at the costumed characters who will populate the comic, but it's a first look at the hosts of the title's titular game show. That doesn't mean, however, that readers should expect the storylines to focus too much on the series-within-the-series.

"We don't see that much of the show," Ross told CBR in a recent interview. "The story really concerns the characters in it and what is happening on the bigger stage outside. Some earlier drafts had a lot of show-related mechanics -- meeting the judges, introducing the participants -- and some of that might bubble back up in later issues. But for now, it's mainly the action we focus on."

"The book takes its name from the title of the show. It's the environment the story takes place in, but it isn't the story any more than "Gladiator" was about The Colosseum," Hitch added. "That was Maximus' story, and to follow that analogy, this is Tommy's story, and it will take him through that arena in some form and his experiences there could reshape the world."

Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch's "America's Got Powers" debuts in April from Image Comics with a double-sized issue priced at $2.99.

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