EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Bryan Hitch's "Real Heroes" #3 Cover

Bryan Hitch's "Real Heroes" #3 is scheduled to land in stores in May, and when it does, it looks like the upcoming Image Comic's protagonists may be landing as well -- on the pavement.

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CBR has an exclusive first look at the gatefold cover for the third issue of Hitch's new Image Comics series, featuring the comic's cast hurtling towards what appears to be certain doom. And while this trope typically comes with the caveat that, of course they can't die -- they're superheroes, considering the fact that Hitch's characters are Hollywood actors who have found themselves thrust into the role of super-powered do-gooders, that may not be the case, here.

"Take those guys, Hollywood superstars, who play the worlds greatest heroes and take them to a place where they are asked to do it for real, take the responsibility for saving six billion lives," Hitch said, describing the premise in a CBR interview. "It's a fish-out-of-water story for these guys, but it's also a great way of getting to do classic superheroes with that modern voice."

Bryan Hitch's "Real Heroes" debuts in March from Image Comics.

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