EXCLUSIVE: Fawkes Reveals Constantine's Role In "Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year 3 Annual"

With the third year of its digital-first "Injustice: Gods Among Us" series in full swing, DC Comics has announced the release of an oversized annual that will shed light on the already dark series' turn towards the occult. "Injustice Gods Among Us: Year 3 Annual" #1 will also bring regular "Constantine" writer Ray Fawkes into the fold. In the annual, Fawkes will get to write a new take on John Constantine; the classic occult character was introduced into the "Injustice" universe at the kick-off of the series' third year.

Inspired by the events of the 2013 video game of the same name, "Injustice" takes place in a world where most of the world's superheroes have fallen from grace following the deaths of Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane due to Joker's machinations. With Superman and the rest of the Justice League on the descent, only Batman remains to lead a resistance against the new super-powered domination.

Additionally, the upcoming annual will reveal where the Titans have been since "Injustice's" inciting incident. You can check out the solicit text for the annual, which is due out in stores in late April, below.

INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US: YEAR 3 ANNUAL #1Written by RAY FAWKES and BRIAN BUCCELLATO • Art by SERGIO DAVILA, XERMANICO and JUAN ALBARRAN • Cover by NEIL GOOGE and REX LOKUSThe Year of Magic is over and the stalemate between Superman's regime and Batman's resistance continues. But some mysteries remain to be explained, like the true start of John Constantine's involvement. What secret role did Dr. Occult play? And meanwhile, what have The Titans been up to all this time?On sale April 29/48 PGS./Rated T....$4.99 US

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