EXCLUSIVE: Fantastic Four: Doctor Doom Kidnaps a Major Cosmic Villain

Doctor Doom had a pretty good run as a superhero, but that's all over now. Latveria's beloved dictator is back to his old, villainous tricks. As Fantastic Four readers already know, Doom's latest scheme involved drawing one of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe, Galactus, to Earth, using the Power Cosmic imbued in his herald, Victorious, as bait.

A preview for Fantastic Four #8 reveals a little more about Doom's endgame, as well as the spoils of war he collected after first allying with the titular team and then predictably betraying them. The preview reveals that Doom has not only fused Galactus to the foot of Mount Doom (as seen in the previous issue), but that he has also begun erecting devices designed to siphon off the cosmic entity's vast cache of power.

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The preview also reveals what has become of Reed Richards. Apparently, Doom has found a way to finally cage the notoriously slippery superhero by expanding him to his limit and freezing him, rending him unable to escape, lest his risk ripping his elasticized skin. It's a pretty grisly form of imprisonment, even for someone as malicious as Doctor Doom. How did the other three members of the team fare? Doom says there are three such chambers, so we'll likely find out when Fantastic Four #8 rolls around.

Fantastic Four #8 goes on sale on Mar. 27. Dan Slott writes the issue. Aaron Kuder provides art. Esad Ribic illustrates the cover.

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