EXCLUSIVE: Elle Takes Heart In Esquejo's "Mind The Gap" #7 Cover

Image Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at series artist Rodin Esquejo's cover for "Mind The Gap" #7 written by Jim McCann. Esquejo's cover features ghostly protagonist Elle Petersen and her boyfriend, Dane Miller, holding each other's hearts -- quite literally. While "Mind The Gap" #7 is a long way off from hitting stores, readers can check out "Mind The Gap" #4, which concludes the first arc of the series, in stores tomorrow.

"I know what the ending is and I know when it will end, but I don't know the issue number," creator Jim McCann told CBR at the inception of the series. "I know all the information we need to give and also a lot of the secrets that need to be revealed and what secrets need to be kept until the end so it's still suspenseful. I love suspenseful mysteries and this has been my love letter to those. I've watched a lot of Hitchcock and a lot of film noir, things that sink into that sort of genre, but then also it is very much 'X-Files' meets 'Twin Peaks' because there's a preternatural element to it, there's a mystery behind it and everyone's involved. The tag line I've had in mind for this is, 'Everyone is a suspect, nobody is innocent.' That's the mantra for this book."

Check out CBR's exclusive first look at Esquejo's "Mind The Gap" #7 cover below. "Mind The Gap" #4 hits stores tomorrow.

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